Sub v.s. Sub! (character limit lol)

I am torn (probably shouldn’t be) between the Rythmik L12 ($559)

Rythmik L12 - sealed HT sub (

and the Monolith ported 10" ($499)

AmazonSmile: Monolith Powered Subwoofer - 10 Inch with 500 Watt Amplifier, THX Certified, Ideal for Professional Studio and Home Theater: Electronics

Stoopid low bass for my desk 2.1 setup is the intentional use!

help me decide!

Would go for Rythmik L12.
Good things people have wrote.


Which one is smaller ? Go for that.

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+1 for Rythmik

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rythmik (limit)

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Sealed and servo for the Rythmik, no comparison.


Should subs be turned completely off or is standby ok to extend the life of the subwoofer?


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There is 1 real benefit when turning them off.
It saves power. Even modern ones with low standby power ~5W you save that much.
If dual subs them it would be 10W and so on.

Maybe the 2 one being peace of mind. You know the gear is turned off.
And sudden power cut’s or spikes, should not cause damage. Even if the power circuit’s should protect them but there are cases that does not always happen… and they break. Not just in subs.

I turn everything off.
Amps and accessory gear are on standby but speakers and sub’s are powerless.

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A mechanical device like a sub wears with movement. As long as there’s no signal (nothing causing the sub to move), it doesn’t matter if it’s left in standby.

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Went down the subwoofer rabbit hole and in a sub repair thread they talked about always turning the subs off to extend the life of the plate amps. got triggered from the audioholics podcast talking about the half life of active subs. Thanks for the tips think ill put them on a switched plug.

Plate amps are like any other amps. There is no definitive answer as to what is better for amp longevity:

Leaving them always on to protect from the current inrush when turning on.
Or, shutting them off so they’re not constantly baking.

I tend to listen to what the engineers and designers say - leave them on.

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Now im torn guess will split the difference and add smart plugs in the HT and standby on the daily driver subs.

I have em all in smart plugs.
It’s so easy and convenient.
Press 1 for Front speakers and dual subs to On
Press 2 for Surround speakers to On
Press 3 for TV speakers to On.

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Thanks for the tip wondered if it was safe to place smart plugs ahead of the subs and amps. Think i will smart switch the HT and bdrm, leave the family room setup on standby. All my stuff are budget anyway but interested to find out whats the difference on the power bill.

If you want another layer of protection. SurgeX claims to have ICE (Inrush Current Elimination) technology in some of their surge protectors.

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For a desktop… I’d lean toward the sealed sub. Or if you want both check out some of the ported subs that have port plugs so you can jump back and forth in their dsp controls and have best of both worlds. Most the sub amp plates also have good standby controls.