Subwoofer for a pair of A5X monitors

What subwoofer would you advise for my ADAM A5X pair of monitors and would subwoofer make a difference at all?
Have to mention that I don’t want to improve the bass, A5X level of bass is just perfect for me, here I wouldn’t change anything.
The point is making the sound as detailed and accurate as possible.
I never had any speakers before this pair so tbh I have no idea if suboofer will change anything except bass.

You basically would add low end FR range.
It kinda improves the overall bass since you have more FR range available. Speakers still perform like they perform.
Sub would effect the low bass range, in detail and accuracy.

Since you have quality monitors.
Adam Audios’ sub’s would be good choice. SUB7 or SUB8 range.

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If you’re missing some of the original recordings frequency range, then it’s not accurate, no?

Check out Z’s review of the Emotiva SE8.

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