Subwoofer Power Amp recommendations

Hey guys,

I have 3 passive subs I am looking to power (2 x 12inch and 1 x Dual-12inch). I have dedicated 2 x 20A 240v (AU) circuit set to power all my amplifiers in my upcoming theatre build, so power supplying these is no problem.

Just looking for any advice on sub power amps - have been considering the Crown XLS 2 series, but have just come across the Behringer NX3000D iNuke amp.

Does anyone have any further advice on sub-specific power amps, or should I stick with one of the options above and give one a go?

I see nothing wrong with your listed choices. However, if you are interested in more classic subwoofer plate amplifiers, Parts Express does international shipping:

But, unless you really just want the plate style you really don’t need to go that route.

Well you did mention the ones many like to use. Those brands and their models tend to pop-up usually when powering passive subs or multiple.
Probably price / performance is in point for this usage.

Thanks guys - I am relieved to hear I am not missing something obvious.

I am planning to install a rack beside the theatre and so a ‘traditional’ amp design suits me best, I think.

Thanks again.

Anyone else with any input let me know.

Would advise against the NX3000D. If the internal fan has a controller, it only has the stages “starting helicopter” and “landing helicopter” (exaggerated, you get the idea).
Another problem is that it only has speaker-twist connectors, so unless your subs can take that, you would have to build a cable for that (Not difficult, I just have never found a premade breakout cable).

Maybe consider the Crown XLi2500

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By speaker twist connectors do you mean Speakon connectors?

And yes thankyou for mentioning the fan - noted.
Will have to look into the differences between the XLi2500 over the XLS2502.

Speakon is the Neutrik Brand name. As the places I helped out at wanted to save a few bucks, I only got the compatible “speaker twist” connectors :wink: