Subwoofer reccomendation

at a desk using kanto yumi passives, been using them for a while but they are lacking in base, what would be a good, reasonably cheap sub for desk application in a 10x12ft room

Would you be connecting them to a sub out or speaker level inputs? Also what is your budget

Speakers to amp, then using sub out on amp, budget is about 300 (usd) right now since I’ll be using amazon and shipping to new Zealand, one of the subs I was looking at was the earthquake 6.5

The 6.5 would probably work. It would most likely be able to fill the room, but I don’t know if it would preform under 40hz imo.

Personally I would recommend something like a Klipsch R-100SW if it’s not too expensive where you live

Also check out the BIC America subs with their BASH amplifiers and great Hi-Low connections. Well within your price range and offer great flexibility. I use one for my desk setup and have no technical or quality control issues at all with it. I think they are pretty good budget subs.

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Yeah, the bic acoustech pl-200 II is pretty good as well

Dayton audio makes good powered subs. Find them on

thanks guys i will have a look at those reccomendations

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There is really only one choice.

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Well according to that logic with a $300 usd budget there are no options then lol

For 300$, id look for something in the used market.
Like for subs that are in the ~600 range as new, maybe more.

With decent settings&connections to integrate it nicely to setup.
Few cheaper ones have not been that good. Cheap box that makes “boom” sound is not what good subs do for me.

The only issue with buying used subs for most people is the expensive shipping and risk of damage from shipping which is harder to deal with if you buy from eBay or another site

Yea true. That’s why i always prefer those with original package and picking it up + testing.
I have driven alot for good gear. :slight_smile:

Sending would be the 2 option, since subs where shipped with in those original boxes at first place. Good seller of course has the material stored and hopefully has reputation on local hifi-community so it’s as save it can be.
Not buying a pig in a poke as to say.

Of course there is options 3. Save more $ to get more and not settle for “poo”.

Also agree, but the Klipsch subs aren’t bad for the price