Subwoofer recommendation for JBL LSR305

So, I just wanted a simple recommendation on a sub for my JBL LSR305 Powered Monitors.

I do not have a big room (arround 16 square meters), so it do not have to be massive. I was looking for a value choice, preferably an active/powered sub because I don’t have an amp
The budget would be arround 200 dollars, maximum 250. But if I can pay less it would be good

Also, I am currently changing my setup from a 4mx4m room to a 4mx2m. But in a couple of years I will probably get back to a 4x4. So, if it works for both cases would be good, but the 4x4 is the priority.


So I am assuming the LSR310S is out of the question due to price, which is unfortunate because that sub is made for those monitors lol

I would save up and maybe go with same series woofer LSR310S.
Pretty good match for them.

That might be a good choice. But I wanted some varied options that would work, since I live in Brazil and it’s hard to find any audio related product here. So, having different options is very good.

What about the Sunfire SDS8?

It is available in Brazil at a good price, seems to be an active speaker that could pair well with my Monitors and my room.

It has adjustable crossovers and rca inputs and outputs for the monitors

It is also recommended in the zeos (outdated) Reddit guide.

sunfires are nice subwoofers. you would be happy i think

That would be pretty good