Subwoofer’s for mixing music

Hey guys! So, I mix music and I’m in the market for subs. My speaker set up is Adam t5v’s and Event Project studio 8’s. The room is relatively large, long and skinny… that’s what she said? RIP, anyway’s, I was hoping you guys could point me in the direction of some good, affordable subs for what I want to do. Thanks :smiley:

Hey @Matt_Wheeler…! KRK makes a 10" rokit sub it’s reasonably priced however with the 8" you’ve already got you might think about a 12". IMHO the mix is going to depend on your crossover a lot in order to maintain the synergy of your mix, i’ve heard the Adams but haven’t heard the event project before. I like the silky smooth treble response of the Adams. I’d say it depends on what kind of sub bass you’re mixing. Punchy dub or more legato sustained resonance, every style will have different needs. Happy hunting…!

If having that $4,000 Genelec sub around has taught me anything all you really need s a competent sub and some form of room correction. You can do this with a non-HD miniDSP and REW if you have a calibrated microphone lying around but DIRAC would probably do a much better job. Getting the sub to sound flat and then integrating it with the speakers with precision is what makes a 2.1 mastering setup work.


I’ve only experienced subwoofers under $500. As far as mixing goes I like the JBL lsr310s. It’s hard to explain, but when you listen with it, it sounds like it doesn’t even exist, but you have bass. Just magic bass coming from thin air. It’s not a “oh wow I have a subwoofer”, more of a “oh wow everything sounds perfectly balanced”. Every other sub I tried was more of a “this is fun, so much bass!” wall shaking experience. The LSR310s does not blow minds, it just makes everything sound right.

Now keep in mind I have it paired with some LSR305’s, which it was specifically built for with its crossover system. It’s also super picky about placement and does not fair well in large rooms. But if you want accuracy with a desktop setup it’s perfect.