Subwoofer to pair with the iLoud micro monitors?

I recently bought the iLoud Micro Monitors and i am loving them so far. Since its only a 3inch driver i am currently looking for a subwoofer to pair with these powered monitors. They only can be connected by RCA so i am looking for a subwoofer with RCA passthrough. I was thinking about buying the Fostex sub mini 2 for 130 euro but i cant find much reviews on this little sub. Anyone got experience with this sub?

Note: I am living in Europe so i don’t get to choose every sub.

You might want to get a bigger sub to actually have any low end oomph

Even for a room of 16 by 16ft?

Well that’s a pretty small room, but the driver is pretty small and at least I would say you would want to shoot for an 8 inch driver. It’s pretty hard to reach very low with a 5 inch driver imo

Hm alright, do you have any suggestion?

I see on thomann the Swissonic Sub 10 which looks pretty nice for the price, with pass throughs too. You would just have to get 6.3mm to rca converters which are pretty cheap.

Should be able to dig a fair bit deeper then the fostex one

I should also say that I don’t think the fostex is bad per se, I just don’t know if it will really give you that big of an improvement over the ilouds

Yea i had this subwoofer first on my list, but since i never had heard of the company i did not really trust it so that why i sticked with the Fostex one. But it should give me alot more oompf than the Fostex one tho thats for sure.

I just think a sub like this would make a much larger difference in getting the low end you want

Also I think Swissonic is actually owned by Thomann and is their house brand if I recall correctly

hi there do you have a specific budget on the sub??
because i’ve been looking to pair my micros with te presonus temblor 8
its great because it has an hi pass filter so it will “cut” the monitors at 80hz… so there will be no overlapping its a bit expensive but as fas as i know its worths every cent!!

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I have not yet bought a sub :smile:!
And after some research i came to the same conclusion that i needed that sub for the same exact reason.
With these monitors you want to eliminate the low frequencies because of the port noise that you get and this subwoofer is perfect for that. Thank you for your reply :smiley:!