Suffering From Excessive Research

I’m sure I’m not alone here but here is my dilemma. I research and watch too many reviews and stray from any speaker I think will fit me. Then I start all over again.

I have two rooms I’m debating between to make a listening room for music. Neither are large one is 15x10’ (wood floor) and the other is 13x12’ (carpet floor) with 8’ ceilings. Neither room has doors as it’s an open floor plan, the 13x12 room is more enclosed as it has a 4’ wide permanent opening the 15x10 room is the corner of a L shaped hallway.

I’ve considered Edifier S3000 Pro, Swan M300, Klipsch RP600M, Elac uni-fi UB5/Debut 6.2, Svs Prime, Adam T7V and many other speakers sub $1300/pair.

I would prefer to not need a 2.1 setup right away. I listen to every genre of music I can imagine from death metal, folk, symphony, rap, classic rock etc…

I’m not a fan of brittle sounding speakers as I am a bit sensitive to high frequencies. I do enjoy a full body warm sound and do like a solid low end. I have not set myself on an amp either but know this isn’t the right sub-forum for amps.

I would appreciate any recommendations to help push me to just pull the damn trigger on a set so I can start looking at amps if needed. Thanks in advance!

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If you’re sensitive to high frequencies, take Klipsch off your list. An Elac would be more up your alley.

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Got the 600m paired with dual 10in subs. Sound great!

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Youre going for straight music, get towers and be done with it. Those jamo C95II got good reviews.

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You’ve got analysis paralysis. To get rid of it, just buy something and if you make a mistake, then you’ll at least be that much sure of what to get next.

If you’re trying to avoid a sub, then a tower is the way to go. I think a good quality bookshelf with a sub would give you better sound though and would give you more options.

IMO though, it is probably easier to choose an amp and then get speakers for it than it it so go the other way around. The the size room you have 50~100 watts would be fine.


Wharfedale EVO series for another option.


I second that ^^^


Keep an eye on the specials, research items that pop up, allot of boutique items and other high end stuff that you don’t hear much about because it’s not common and widely available . If nothing else, another source for ideas and a reminder that no matter how much we research this hobby has sooo many options you can spend a lifetime learning and still get surprised often. Good luck and happy listening👍