Suggestion for speakers that sound close to the Drop 6xx headphones

I am learning to play the piano. The piano that I as using is the Painoteq program on a PC connected to a MIDI keyboard. I have several headphones and speakers. Out of all the possible speakers and headphones, the Painoteq sounds best with the Drop Sennheiser 6xx headphones. I am wondering if there are any speakers that have the similair sound signature to the 6xx headphones. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

iloud micro is the closest I’ve heard, idk how much output you need though, they get loud for their size but not party loud lets say

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A bit of a cheating way to do this is to take any speakers you plan on using and use them with a tube pre-amp it should help that achieve mid range magic quality that the 6XX has preamping into a normal reciever this allows the bass quality to also be preserved and is a great combo for running speakers.

With speakers a lot of it is setup to bring out its qualities properly linked below. For an actual speaker I’ve heard good things about KEF having qualities akin to the 6XX.

If you’re down for DIY I’d check out GR research’s DIY offerings.

Thank you for your suggestions.