Suggestion for video revies and forum topic / categories?


How about a section for office audiophiles? So we can review different kind of acceptable office noise cans? Not just buy Bose qc35… no I mean the guys like me who have Origen G2 at our desk with audio Technica m20’s …? :slight_smile:

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Well I mean there are a bunch of already reviewed headphones that could fit that use case. I don’t know if there needs to be a separate review to say that it can be used in an office

Not for me specifically, more if a granular topic as it’s pretty bland when you come in, 5 selections? You know what I mean?

I can think of a bunch of headphones and iems that would be suitable for an office. Even some open/semi opens if you listen quietly

Exactly… This can be broken down into sub topics and a large database of knowledge can be created! You know, I don’t :slight_smile:

And that is not only a good rule of thumb for administering a forum or wiki! :slight_smile: You guys need a wikipedia!!!

Ahhh, my bad, I misunderstood what you are trying to say. Well it would depend on what the purpose of the headphones are, the type of office, the budget, and what they would be driving them with.

Yeah I don’t think those are working on here

Wait this is now a wiki post

I think anyone can edit this

Yeah, or even a place for office audiophile discussion, you know coffee and water machine talk lol