Suggestions for a next move

Hi there folks, I have just finished paying for my Sundaras so I am looking to get my next set of IEMs.
So far I have TRI i3s, BL 03s and Tripowin TC 01`s.
I use a Magni 3 Heresy/Modi 3 stack for desktop, Ifi Hip DAC for bedroom and holidays and an Earman Eagle for on the go.
Musical tastes include Jazz, Prog, Punk, Metal, Psychedelic etc. Tbh just about anything as long as its good.
My budget would be about $300/£250
I have been considering BQEYZ Spring 2, Mangird Tea, Thieaudio Legacy 4 and Veedix Silver String.
Any other suggestions would be welcome.

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take a look at the Grado IEM.


I kindly submit the Fiio FD5 for your consideration for amazing soundstage, imaging, and detail.

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I am considering a pair of Tea’s myself :slight_smile:



Yes I know they look gorgious! My wallet hates you for posting that picture :stuck_out_tongue:


I :sparkling_heart: it :bangbang:


Could you do a comparison between the IE 300 vs the IE 900? I have yet to hear either. PS… I am German, but I live in the United States. :slight_smile:

I wanted YOUR reactions.

I’ll throw my hat in for the Legacy 4.
The more I listen to them the more I love them.
Almost prefer them to my S8F’s.

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Let me explain it this way;

I received both earbuds immediately after their release. Since then I have had the IE300, now the IE900, in my ear for many hours every day.

If you look at the reviews on YouTube or in the trade press, you will see that there is not a single bad review for both.

Based on my experience, I can only confirm these findings.

With the 300‘s, you get an excellent earphone, which the 900’s has even more Sound quality with a little more definition in all frequency ranges, a touch more spatiality and more precise bass resolution.

Oh, I was asked how punchy the bass is presented, the answer is: very neat!

But what fascinates me most is the very pronounced tonal “naturalness” of these two earphones, this is often my problem with the vast majority of ChiFi earphones, the tonality of which often annoys me More befor I am satisfied.

Due to these mentioned qualities, I would personally prefer these two in-ear‘s to their respective over-ear „partners“!


Thanks to all for their comments. I`m like a kid in a candy store! So many I want to try. Will I manage to get them all before my wife divorces me?

We can only wait and see!

The Mangird Tea is kind of a must have the collective seems to have spoken. The Spring 2 is a curiosity, I really want to try the piezoelectric driver. I have tried the Legacy 3 and loved them and the 4s are supposed to be even better. The Veedix Silver String (blue ones, SO pretty!) were an alternative to the Teas, being the same DD, BA mix, and I have heard very good things of them.
Now I have to add the Sennys to the mix :smile:

edit: The IE 900`s would result in a very quick separation with the only winner being the divorce lawyers. Her patience extends only so far! :smiley:


I love they way the tea looks. so pretty. I don’t even own it but I’m guessing it looks how it sounds?

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there is always a solution :wink:


But tell me beforehand when and where so I can pick it up :grin:

The WAF (wife approval factor) is important indeed :wink:

So, in terms of sound which is “better”, most complete.
Veedix Silver String, Mangird Tea, BQEYZ Spring 2…?

I have still to decide between the Mangird Tea and the Silver String. People have been raving about the Teas but when I spoke to the one reviewer I know that has actually tried them both, Roys from Vivir Digital, a reviewer from Mexico. He told me that whilst the Teas were excellent he actually gave them away as a prize to his viewers, the Veedix Silver Strings however he said he would never part with.
As to the BQEYZ Spring 2, I cannot recommend this set of IEMs enough. They are absolutely fantastic. Plenty of bass excellent mids and the best trebles I have ever heard. For the price these IEMs are a real bargain. The Build is 10/10, great set of accessories, high quality cable. I would say the Spring 2s are the best IEMs I own so far. I love the TRI I3s they are really great, but the Spring 2s are just better.
My IEM journey has been stalled of late as I have just picked up a new amp and speakers but I will be picking up a set of the Veedix Silver Strings as soon as AliEx have their next big sale. They are being advertised as Moondrop Silver String of late and they are only available in green now, but they will be my next foray into the wonderful world of IEMs.

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