Suggestions for Entry Gear

Hi, I’m doing my best to educate myself about hifi audio and gear, but I really need some advice/help.

I currently have DT770s 80 ohms that connect straight to my desktop. I am looking to upgrade with an amp/dac and some speakers. My laptop onboard audio isn’t that great and I have to increase the volume to 100 constantly.

It would be nice to have both the speakers and headphones connected to the same amp/dac.

I currently have a blue yeti, although at some point I want to upgrade my mic to something more professional, for that I know you need an interface. Do I worry about that now or later?

Sorry for being person 4873 to ask the same question, but any help is greatly appreciated!!

My budget is $250 USD

If you want an all in one, with MIC input, the Schiit HEL should work well.
If the MIC isn’t important the MODI/MAGNI stack will be better.
As you can tell I do like Schiit LOL

Leaf audio cmd-23 fed through i2s from a douk U2 pro and a 4 pin xlr to 1/4 inch adapter. Not many people have heard of it but it’s fantastic for entry level. Down the line roll the opamps for an upgrade and maybe get a linear power supply for it. Thing is pretty amazing for an all in one. Even has balanced preouts for powered monitors. Definitely wouldn’t skip getting the U2 pro as anything cheap almost always has trash USB implementation.