Suggestions For My Next Headphone Purchase

Currently have the DT 1990s, looking to get another pair of headphones. What is a pair of cans that would justify adding to the collection and add something that the 1990s lack, preferably same price range.

If you’re just looking to expand the collection… Elex are $100 off this week, which brings them in line price wise, and are way different than 1990s. Vocals are very forward, bass that s l a m s


Oooooof great suggestion, how do you think they’d pair with the Zen DAC?

For sure, they’re not very power hungry. They’d run fine on the 6.3 and If you run them off the 4.4 you should golden.

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You can probably do better as the Zen will likely hinder its performance, but at least you won’t have trouble with volume

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What would you be looking for? Closed-back, warmer tone, deeper bass extension, etc, and what do you have to have in your sound signature? There are a lot of things the DT1990s ‘lack’ that you can get in other headphones, but they also do a lot right and you may not want to give certain things up.

In my personal opinion, the perfect complement to the DT1990 pro in terms of sound.
Just read the review of @voja , whose opinion on these headphones I share.

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If you don’t have Sundara’s, you should get Sundara’s. (2020 3.5)
These are… muh… so good. Go look on the Sundara thread and read the last guy’s opinion on it (and everyone’s).

They are so open, like few cans at that price give you. Soundstage is incredible. It’s not warm nor bassy but when the music asks for bass it will deliver if you just give it the power it requires. Build quality is a lot better than older hifimans…

And hey. DT1990 is dynamic, Sundara planar… variation you know :wink:

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Sudaras and Focal Elex are both great headphones that I own. The Elex is superior but whether it’s worth twice the price of the Sundara’s is up for debate. I don’t have the Zen dac so I’m ignorant on that point.

Thank you. Like I stated in my review, I think everybody needs the SR2 in their colleciton.

I will soon release a short article that directly compares the stock pads vs the 2nd stock pads (larger perforation) and Dekoni Audio pads.

I am giving this headphone a whole different level of praise after I changed to the 2nd set of pads. It is a whole different headphone — and I am not one of those people who will exaggerate the change of sound with something such as a cable. This is something that is clearly audible and changes everything (the whole headphone sounds much more open and balanced, and the seal is not vacuum-like like it is with the stock set). I still prefer the stock pads, but I think that it is good to know that it feels like you are getting two headphones just by changing the pads.

This is still my favorite headphone.

Best dynamics definitely +1 the Elex its amazing. For the price I don’t think theres much that competes

Definitely the Elex. Excellent bass, mid forward mid range magic and treble isn’t sharp but does require a good amp to get the best of that top end.

From my experience it isn’t. If the Sundara is 350 I’d place the Elex around… 500? 550?µ
If you wanna follow the ‘original’ price of the Sundara of 500 I could see the Elex being on value.

I love both, but I can use the Elex on my zmf pendant tube amp. It sounds great, whereas the Sundara never sounds right on tubes. I use one of my ss amps for it (usually the Rebel). I just like tube amps better and the Elex sounds good with tubes (and ss, of course).

If you want the Sundara to sound right on tubes you need to go through another amp.
i have an xDuoo MT602 with Sylvania tubes. Amazingly warm and thick and meaty and lovely.
But the Sundara’s directly into the headphone out of the MT602? Meh… Very disapointing indeed.

But! DAC → RCA into MT602 → RCA out of 602 → RCA into SH9 (or any other powerful amp)

I mean… mmmh! You’re like 95% there!

I’ve used it with hybrids (TA-20 I think?) and I thought it sounded good. The Sundara is indeed a steal at 350. I’m just old (lol) and generally prefer dynamic vs planar when it comes to headphones. Both the Elex and Sundara seem priced right for their value, which doesn’t often happen in the audio world.

What has age to do with liking planars or dynamics?

Well…never had that choice years ago! lol. Got used to dynamics and tubes in the 70s. This old dog sometimes struggles to learn new tricks.

Time for something new old-timer! :stuck_out_tongue:

As you can see, I have both. But I usually am listening to my ZMFs on tubes. I’ll try to “keep up”. This hobby of ours is always changing and we live in a great time for choices!

Very nice :smiley:
Unfortunately DROP and EU isnt really a thing :stuck_out_tongue: