Suggestions on new stack

I’ve had my Schiit stack (Modi/Magni 2U) for about six years now and started experiencing, from what I’ve been reading, are some pretty common issues. Seems that the DAC’s soldering job was pretty poor and the only way I can get it to work is by heating it up for 30min with heat gun or just leaving it on permanently along with some other audio bugs. Anyway, so it’s time for an upgrade including the amp since it’s been some time. I’m pretty much settled on the Geshelli stack (J2/Archel 2.5XL). Love the look of it and from what I’m reading delivers much more than it’s valued at. A few questions. Does anyone have any other recommendations on some other stacks that have solid performance around the 200 price per range not including schiit products? Also is it worth going with the balanced Erish over the Archel? I found some article where the writer was claiming that having balanced inputs is more important in this scenario than outputs. Headphones right now are
Fidelio X2’s

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

With your headphone selection have you considered getting a tube amp?

I have a tube amp and love it. I also play a lot of games and listen to music while I work so I like the solid state for longer periods and neutral sound. Wears the tubes out a little less and less power when the computer is on all day. The tube does sound amazing on all of those though

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if your stack is going to be an actual stack I doubt you need balanced longer cables would benefit from it though
I’ve heard good things about the topping stacks and JDS Labs stacks
personally running a Geshelli JNOG as my main DAC with w/e amps I feel like lol

if you’re looking for neutral sound, the Geshelli has awesome value. if you want more warmth, consider the iFi Zen Signature DAC and AMP…your Senn’s will LOVE them and you get the best bass boost tech in the industry, XBass!

what do you have for a tube amp?