Sunfire subwoofers

Any opinions on sunfire subs in general. From what information i gather on the internet they seem to be the s**t. Maybe like a sunfire xteq 8 to complement my kef ls50w. I find subwoofers hard to shop for.

No experience with Sunfire. Thought they would be good…ish, at least with the Reviews they have.
But why not go full KEF, like the kube’s. That’s what they would recommend with LS50.
But what are your needs, what is the main usage and so one, room sizes and and and price range 300 or 1.5k or more etc.

My idea was to go minidsp hd and skip the sub out on the kefs. Subs i was checking were the monolith thx 10", svs pb-2000, sunfire any. Room size is 30x10" so 300sq. Price range is under 1000$. I don’t realy know what i want it would not be for movies just music i listen to pretty much anything.

From my research I plan on getting dual RSL Speedwoofer 10S. I don’t have first hand experience, but they seem to ooze high quality for the money. Lets you get two subs instead of just one really good one.

Yees those too. Not much info on them. It’s hard to find any reviews of any subs on youtube.

Man you pretty much convinced me of getting those but nobody is selling them in canada so importing them + shipping + exchange rate is provably not worth it. Sad.

Well it would be good idea first to figure this one out and maybe try local hifi/music stores (if there are) take few ones home to be tested or at store. Just to get some perspective and pointer what you might like and what it might be.

From what i have tested and heard. You can get 1 decent subwoofer for music. Decent integration with front end speakers (sound good together and work together), some detail and accuracy at that price point OR two just for all the bass and house rumble you will need and not worry so much about detail.

Had the SVS flagship like 5 years ago. It was all shaking and ultra low end noise and thunders class of noise, for movie use it as ok.
Then i changed that to actual Pro gear. All the details of music was there with actual music delivery power, no thunder rumble and just the most detailed bass there ever was and more than enough of power and ultra low end. Plus 100% integration to my front end speakers with all the digital correction and settings there is.

At some households the “how it looks” might be the number one thing and rest will follow. :slight_smile: Pretty ain’t always good with subs.

I am looking at a Sunfire True Subwoofer Architectural Signature for $400. I tried a friends Sunfire Junior and was very impressed with it. If I can get the Signature for $350 I might pick it up.

I was able to get a super junior for 650 cad ~500usd but didn’t know if I’d like it. My new goal is to maybe get 2 cheaper ones for stereo probably 10". Did you listen to music with the super junior and what kind? Im realy into orchestral right now listening to buena vista social club and would like to make that sound powerful.