Superlux HD668b or Audio Technica ATH-AD500X or Phillips SHP9500

Which one is better for mostly gaming on ps4 but also music?

Will they work well and loud enough with a sound card like Sabrent or Bengoo

or will I have to buy a DAC/AMP as well?

Basically what I am looking for is the best low budget option for a setup of headphones and microphone that I can play and chat without connecting a cable to the controller.

Id do SHP9500 because easy to drive and swappable cable. Shouldn’t have any trouble on your PS4 without a dac or amp

Definitely don’t go AD500x. No bass whatsoever. 668b has more bass than SHP 9500 and the SHP are slightly brighter. Some toilet paper cut in a circle and placed in front of the driver on the 668 can help with the treble. I’d say go for the SHP 9500 if you can stand a bright sound.

Hi, I got the shp9500, and I am not sure if that’s the way they are or not, but in some games, there are sounds that are very low and dimmed and some are very loud (for ex. gunshots).

Did I get a damaged cans or that how it is?