Surge Protection in Europe..?

Can’t find a proper surge protector here in Europe. None of the recommended ones in the US (TrippLite, Belkin, APC, Furman, etc) are available with our plugs and finding one with more than 1000j appears to be quite a challenge… at least locally.

Which ones do the European fellas here use to protect their gear? Or do you just use a regular power strip?

Where are you in Europe?

Here in Germany I can see plenty of APC devices at Cyberport. There’s also Brennstuhl for power strips with surge protection

Have you used any of those Brennenstuhl? They seem safer than the whites from APC (and these are expensive considering the specs…)
But yeah… i don’t find none of this locally… only shady brands that look all the same just with a different logo…

I have a Brennstuhl strip with some surge protection, I can’t say anything about its protective capacity, because I haven’t had any power issues since I bought it. It seems legitimate enough, though

Thanks for the feedback! They are a bit pricey but that 60.000A one seems quite legit

Furman, Brennenstuhl, Kopp, Eaton and APC/Schneider Electric

I am running a 2x6 Brennenstuhl power strip under my desk and one of their surge protector plugs.

The numbers are marketing wank. Yes, they will protect your device, but 60kA would instantly vapourise anything that is less than your arm in diameter.

I bought the Taga Harmony Pf 1000.
In the meantime you have a new version.
There are enough in Europe.
It’s always a question of budget.
There is also one from Audioquest that is not bad either.

So you have the power strip plugged to the adapter? Which strips are you using btw…?


Strip, this here (Brennenstuhl 1391000012):

Yeah… those would be nice. But not for my current budget. Thanks for the info tho!

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