Surround and rear speakers for Kef q150

I was looking for some surround and rear speakers to match my kef q150. I just got my q150s the other day and they sound amazing. I was thinking about buying the 4x Micca MB42x for surrounding and rear speakers. I’m curious if anybody has any opinion about them I have read mixed reviews, I wonder how they will be for surround and rear. I’m looking to spend around $200 or so. I will be mounting them on the wall and I’ll be using a Dennon x1500h. Thanks

Check out the Dayton Audio mk402x.

Do you know how they compare to other alternatives in this price range nowadays?

they are still one of the top speakers under 100$ for the 70$/pair they cost, they are really good.

edit: you can get better for not a whole lot more though. the jamo s801’s are all the time under 100$ for now for instance.

The jamos look great, know of any other alternatives at around that price?

The sony ssc55 seem to be pushed by the reviewers, zeos likes them too. $118.00USD currently they go low as $70.00 . GR-research guy made a mod kit for the sony’s hes selling for under $300.00.

Yeah, saw alot of great reviews on them, unfortunately we don’t get any of the good stuff in italy :disappointed_relieved:.

Youre italy i thought you guys get too much good stuff :grin:. seriously is it because of the european union thing ?

hahahahaha, well true for alot of things but…in essence (although this may seem like a long shot, i promise its true) we’re still dealing with the cultural stagnation fascism, and the demochristian regime in the aftermath of the war caused.
The reason why we get so little technology imported to here, and the little we do has a huge import markup is that the demand simply isn’t there. There’s been this rampant anti-intellectualism that was institutionally propegated especially under fascism but also during subsequent eras (such as the late 40s to 50s, and the 80s to the early 2000s), that’s made “intellectual” hobbies such as even something like audiophilia extremeeeeeely niche.

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What did you mean by EU thing?

assume products traded between EU members are more affordable than goods from nonunion countries.

Your post of life there threw me for a loop. always thought italy was the opposite of what you describe. When you think italy you think passion culture art. i follow an american rised in italy youtube guy ana[dia]log. He never mentioned it being tough to pick up gear or music.

Hmm, learned something new.

I’m an italian-american that was brought up in the US lol, exact opposite. The thing is, certain imports cost less in nordic countries such as Germany compared to here, so thats why I figure (aside from the socio-cultural aspect) that the problem must be demand.
The cultural decadence of this country is pretty sad, problem is, so few people are willing to even mention it publicly. They are so hung up on petty nationalism, and old glory, that it clouds their vision of the future (this is true for a million different fields: politics, art, sports, ecc.). We’ve been in this vicious cycle for so many decades, some just leave asap because they see no possibility of success, which drains the brain pool, that we so desperately need, which once again propegates the cycle. Its a mess. Sorry for the rant hahahaha.

Interesting, most of the world suffer from this more or less. Thanks for explaining, no shit i can see it now. The place is a giant museum to history in a way. Im thinking with the internet the western counties for the most part run on a shopping cart society. Shit is getting really nutty with this interwebs.

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When the corona shits over, I still reccomend visiting here, even with all the country’s shortcomings, it is still an amazing place especially if you’ve never been! Your totally right about that last part man, feel you.

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Its on the list! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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