Surround sound music!

Curious after watching the emotiva/surround music review zeos did. Anyone have other albums that are studio recorded surround format albums. I have a few live concerts that are Hans zimmer: live in prague for example (fantastic by the way). I’m sure there must be some more studio surround sound albums and id love to give them a listen.

Some sacd’s and DVD audio disks include a 5.1 remaster for surround systems, so I would check to see if music you like has been remastered this way or put on this format

Binaural audio for headphones can also be a great experience if they have been recorded correct

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I have always liked Aero that Jean Michel Jarre produced for 5.1. The album has atmospheric scenes such as birds, footsteps on gravel, ping-pong balls, ship horns, train tracks etc. Makes me wish Vapor was available in 5.1

Anyway, some albums can be found here, I quite like the mixes Massive attack have done on their albums, they utilise the rear channels a lot more than the 5.1 treatments of Pink Floyd and such, which always to me sounded like stereo that has been up-mixed, which is never as good as albums produced for 5.1

Awesome link. Its hard to find lists of 5.1 albums let alone good downloads of surround music.