Surround Sound wiring / preamp / amp / remote / dsp

Something that I think doesn’t get enough conversation is surround sound signal flow.

For example, Z has those crazy powerful monoblocked crown amps but I have no idea how they connect to surround sound or if a miniDSP is still in line. When I did this I could no longer control the volume of my sub.

If nothing else, ---- what is the signal flow of your surround sound ---- specifically reciever, preamp, and amps. What is ideal?


If I had to hazard a guess (pure speculation as I’ve never seen Z’s setup) here goes:

AV receiver’s L & R RCA preouts —> miniDSP —> L & R separate —> Input Visualizers —> monoblocked amps —> Speakers

Well in my powered speaker hifi/music/home theater system it is:
Sources → PreAmp → Speakers.

And in reality the ‘speaker part’ is a “bit” longer for floor level.
The first part is Preamp → Subwoofer 1 → Subwoofer 2 —> and then it separate’s:
→ Front speaker 1. → Front Speaker 2.
→ Center
→ Rear Surround 1 → Rear Surround 2
Upper surround:
PreAmp → Speakers.

Lots of DSP, room correction, bass management, time delay’s etc the lot. in PreAmp and on each speaker. So lot’s of tuning and adjusting possibility’s.