SVS SB-1000 vs KLIPSCH R-120SW vs REL HT/1003


any opinions on subs for music around 500-700 bucks?

SVS SB-1000 vs KLIPSCH R-120SW vs REL HT/1003

Room is medium sized (i guess), speakers are RP600Ms and amp will be, when it eventually will be shipped out, the IOTAVX SA3 + PA3.

I have never used a sub this expensive but I am curious to have the “full range” sound. With Klipsch speakers Klipsch sub would sound logical, but Klipsch subs seem more home theater oriented. I do watch some movies ofc, but thats not the goal. I want that Bob Marley to hit as low it can go :stuck_out_tongue:

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So imo I would pick the REL for music as it has the most control and detail of the other subs mentioned (but the least amount of output). If you wanted a more punchy sub, the SVS sub is great but it’s not my pick over the REL for music. The Klipsch is more home theater and not something I would prefer over the svs or rel

I’d keep an eye out on Rythmik as well if you can find one for a good price or used. They are pretty amazing for music and can double up for HT.

With where he is, I don’t know if there would be any

Yeah, seems searching Rythmik europe does not give many answers :smiley:

And I expected MON would choose REL :stuck_out_tongue: Seems that everybody says they are the subs for music lovers. Any specific model ? They have couple ones for around that price. “HT” is actually home theater series it seems :smiley:

Their HT are actually still pretty good for music, they are just very solid preformers for something where quality is important

T/5i and HT/1003 are the options now, atleast with estonian prices :smiley: