SVS Ultra Bookshelf or Triangle Esprit Comete EZ


I’ve just decided to throw my Denon soundbar out of the window after I heard how great a good 2.0 system can be. My plan is to start with a 2.0 and after a while upgrade to either 3.0 or 2.1, whatever I think will compliment the speakers I have at the time the best. The receiver I will be using is a Marantz SR5015.

The room is about 3m x 7m and 2,7m in height. Will be sitting about 3m from the TV and speakers and the speakers will be placed right beside the TV(65"). No room for me to place them wider.

I will use the speakers for 70% movie/TV and 30% for music. What is most important for me in a speakers is details and depths. I’ve listened to Totem KIN Play playing a episode of Vikings and was stunned how much details you miss with not good enough speakers.

My local HT store sells both SVS and Triangle but only listened to the SVS Ultra Bookshelfs when I was there the last time. I saw Zeos review for the SVS Ultra Bookshelfs and that he in 2016 said that they were the best speakers in that price range. Now I’ve seen his review of the Triangle Esprit Comete EZ and as I interpret these are also as good, if not better.

I will try to speak with my local store to see if they would be able to set up both speakers and let me listen to them side by side. Note that first time I listened to the SVS Ultras it was in the store floor and is much bigger room in all directions.

I would like to see if anyone of you have anything to say about SVS Ultra Bookshelf or Triangle Esprit Comete EZ or which to buy.

How much space would you be giving behind the speakers to the wall? Also did you like the ultra bookshelves when you demoed them? Generally both are pretty great speakers tbh, I think it would come down to preference here. I might say the svs are a better fit for majority movie/TV as imo they are more neutral than the triangles, are less amp picky, and also would be better with extension and impact. I feel like the triangles would be more handicapped by your placement and your amp in your setup, you might be able to get more out of the svs. I think both are equally detailed, perhaps leaning in the triangles favor, but the triangle is also more demanding when it comes to everything else imo. If you can get a side by side demo, absolutely do so as that would be a great way to pick

The space behind the speakers is really narrow, not more than 20 cm. That it one of the things I was thinking about when I saw that the Triangles are front ported.

I really liked the Ultras when they demoed them for me. I felt a “warmth” in sound, if you could describe it like that.

As you say that the SVS are more forgiving. That would probably be the thing due to that I am not able to modify the room for better sound. The things I will be working with is speaker placement and Audyssey.

That’s about like 7in I think, that’s not a ton but it’s workable for both speakers tbh

Something else to consider might be using the money saved by going with svs (at least in the US you can find some open box ultra bookshelves for really good prices) is also picking up a sub, which is very worthwhile for lots of movie/TV imo (and svs makes some real nice subs)

Will the drawback of having the back side of the speaker too close to the wall cancel out with adding a sub instead or will the whole range of the speaker perform worse if its to close to the wall?

A side-by-side demo will probably decide which I will go with. Right now I am leaning to the Ultras.

So the issue of being too close will still occur with a sub in the system, but with a sub you could set it at a higher crossover to reduce the amount of bass coming from the bookshelf which could help. But either way it’s not ideal to have them that close to the wall, but it is workable