Swan 3.1 DIY for home theater

I’m in the process of starting my home theater build up and was wondering if anybody has experience with the Swan 3.1 kit. More specifically, does anybody know of a good center channel that would match up with this it. I’d rather buy just what I need rather than buying two kits and leaving the extra speaker in a closet.

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I’d buy two kits and go with a 4.1 setup as a phantom center. I believe that with proper placement it would sound phenomenal.

What did you end up doing? I was thinking about this as well. Maybe you can take the second set and build a different enclosure that would house a WMTW center channel. A lot more work, but could be worth it if done properly.

I haven’t decided yet. For simplicity’s sake, I may just go with something I know I can match like the RP-600m. I don’t really want to risk taking a loss if I can’t get a center that I’m satisfied with.

i do not know how i missed this. you can source the parts once u guy the kit. ie buy the exact same drivers and crossover components, on their own.

alternately, you could buy a martin logan or similar center with an amt tweeter.

or two of u interested can split the cost of a second set and each take 1.