Swan D300 Bookshelves - New?

Recently came across these when browsing Swan’s product site:


They look pretty sweet for the price. Does anyone know anything about them? There seems to be zero coverage of them on the Internet. Maybe they’re brand new?


Wow, those do look great. And I’m not hating the price either. I’d also be interested to hear if anyone has any experience with them.

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Maybe I am the only one who opened the link and initially thought they look weird af. Not to say they look bad, just a little… Not Swan. If that makes sense.

Yeah definitely not the classic Swan look. But I like that they’re a little different than everything else but still incorporate classic wood and matte black. But yeah, not for everyone.

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Swan / Hivi is a bit sketch IMO… I’ve been wanting the M5A (big brother to what Z reviewed) since like Thanksgiving. I’ve been in contact with their chinese sales team and customer service teams and I get very weird responses.

Some of the local “dealers” are a bit sketch in their responses on product offering/pricing as well. I also find their lineups to be very weird in terms of design and pricing; they also have some products that almost appear to be knock offs. I’d proceed with caution even though Z loves em.

I liken my experience with dealing with anyone on swan products to be akin to the shady guys that would try to sell speakers out of the back of white vans in the 90s… they’d catch you walking into a Circuit City and try to shill you junk on the street.

Thanks, this is what I was wondering. The specs look great to me for the price, but I don’t have any experience with Swan speakers. Z seems to like them and they do look beautiful in pictures. But they don’t seem to get a ton of coverage online…

Curious if there’s any other thoughts out there.

I have the D300 (ordered from AliExpress to the EU). Took a little more than two months for them to get here (because I asked for the cheapest shipping option). Haven’t regretted it for a second, the best piece of audio gear I own and the best speakers I’ve ever heard, including some audio shows I’ve been to :slight_smile:
I’ve had them for about three months, the only actual complaint that I have is that the volume control has too big of a jump from one click to the next, but that’s about it.