Swan D300's or Edifier S3000 Pro's?

Since I’m located in Australia it’s extremely difficult to get name brand audio equipment here. I was wondering if it was worth the hassle of trying to get the Swan D300’s into Australia, or if I should just buy a pair of S3000pro’s which I can buy off of amazon australia and ship in a day or 2. Any other recommendations are welcomed!

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I’m in the same boat here, only I’m in New Zealand. Zeos raving about the Swans D300 has made me seriously consider that too, but I’m also considering the Edifier S3000 Pro. What has swayed me somewhat in the direction of the Edifiers is that there has been some negative stirrings about the D300, though hard to find those on the 'net. The S3000 Pro has had almost universal praise, and for my use case (hooked up to my gaming PC for gaming and music) I’m very unlikely to perceive much of a difference between the Edifiers and the Swans. Also, we have an Edifier distributor locally in NZ, whereas if something went wrong with the Swans, they’d have to be shipped back to China at my own expense, which work out roughly to ~$300-$400 NZD, and I’m just not going to take that chance based on one single review.

I’d love to see other people’s thoughts on this too, though.


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I got the S3000 pro’s off Kogan for $650 delivered (they’re usually around $850).

I also just got the Swan D200’s (the 5") for a separate area. It’s not noted anywhere but it looks like the Swans don’t take 240v 50Hz, they’re hard wired for 120v 60Hz only.
I’m going to have to send mine back.

The Edifiers have been incredible for me so far as well.

Likewise, for $650 little bit of a no brainer. Mine were actually DOA, Edifier were great and sorted it all out ASAP. Been great set of speakers ever since, love mine.

Don’t underestimate local customer service as part of the deal.