Swan dissapearing?

disappearing? I’ve been looking around and I’ve noticed… A lot of Swan’s products are all out of stock. Even their own website has a lot of products listed with no price attached.
Anyone have any insight as to if the company is dying, or perhaps just getting ready to revamp the entire product line?

Global parts shortage is still hitting every industry hard. Basically, if any of your product relies on any semi-conductor, you are SOL right now.

now I see how only a few corporations will come to rule the world. only a few will be able to get the resources they need, choking off anyone smaller and then dominating the market!

I’d buy it that the shortage is the entire story… If Edifier and some of the other companies where in the same boat… but they aren’t.

It is a big poker game: Maybe you have the right parts in your design, maybe you can get a bid in for parts before anyone else notices them being available, maybe your warehouse is a tad larger.

I waited for 1.5 years for their M5A to come to America after being advertisied on their website. I have an email chain a mile long with various product and customers service people there. Finally when it came back in stock they killed their US corporate website and went to Amazon only store. They also raised they price $300 from the MSRP they had on their site for 2 years. There are a few other things that are sketch about their business model.

I always wanted a model M5A but really only want to pay $1k for it and now the $2k they raised it to.

price increases due in some part sellers making up for the loses this year ?

I could be wrong but I think they are going the way of the dodo bird. My M5A’ s went on the blink earlier this week. I tried to call the North American office and the phone has been disconnected. Lucky for me Amazon agreed to a refund.

Someone asked Zeos about this in the comments of his recent Loxjie 30 2021 review:

Hey Z, did something happen to Swan? They don’t have anything listed on Amazon anymore.

He replied:

I got an email from them saying they had an issue and will be returning to Amazon in February. Not sure what the issue was but Hopefully they get back soon or even work something out with hifiguides.


Ever try getting an answer from their customer service? There is no customer service. Some of their products are good- no question, but they aren’t so good that I’d ever deal with them again. No thanks- too many other solid choices on the market that will at least make an effort to help a customer.

I’d place this in a very high “Maybe”.

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I wonder when the restaurant wars will begin…

top chef?


no…Demolition Man. epic movie!