Swan m300 hissing white noise help?

So I recently bought used Swan m300 speakers. I noticed that when it is on the left slave speaker will make some hissing sound like white noise. It’s not noticeable when playing music but when nothing’s playing or just something playing very quiet then it can be heard. The speakers themselves still sound fine but there’s always some white noise in the slave speaker. What does this mean and is it bad for the speaker? Is there a way to fix it?

Does the noise persist when nothing is connected to the audio inputs?

Yes as long as the speakers are on it makes the noise even when nothings plugged in

Did you find a solution to this? I just got then and they hiss when idle. Doesn’t matter if they are muted or not.

I have this same issue. Both speakers hiss but in particular the left. The left is more audible. The hiss is constant regardless of volume. Pretty disappointing considering the cost. Has anyone tried to get ahold of Hivi to fix the issue?

This is a common issue with most active speakers but it is significantly worse on the M300’s. Really isn’t an issue if you’re using them mid to far field and/or are playing non-quiet audio. I couldn’t handle it so I returned them.

Wish I was still in the return window. I didn’t notice it before, so I wonder if it got worse. I was using them as TV speakers for a bit and hadn’t used them in a while. After trying them for nearfield/desktop, it was too noticeable for my tastes. Bummer, because I like them otherwise.