Swan M3AMKII vs M3A?

On the swan website I noticed the mark two version of the m3a’s, marketed as the predecessor, but I can’t find anything like a comparison of the two online. Does anybody know anything? The only differences seem to be a woofer rather than a mid range driver, and a different build. Cheaper and in stock as well. Thanks

The mkii is a cheaper version of the m3a, if you want the higher quality speaker, go for the m3a and not the mkii

It’s rough trying to find Swan inventory in the US… I’ve been trying to get the M5As since December and no dice. Their sales team did just get back to me:


This is Calvin, and I’ll follow your case.

We have ordered a few M5A for the US market. It probably takes 2-3 months to be available.
The M3A is coming in, and it probably takes 1-2 months.

Let me know if you have any other questions.