Swan M5A Speakers

I’ve been looking for some good active powered speakers. Are the Swan M5A’s good?

I ordered the Swans M5A’s. I am now looking for the appropriate speaker stands.

Check these out, but depends on how high you want the speaker.

2 Rockville RHTSB 36" Inch Bookshelf Speaker Stands Surround Sound Home Theater https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07778NC14/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_87ZVBQ4H7R7K0F8X0CKB?psc=1

Nice deal, but platform size is to small. I’m set now. I found a custom stand builder. He is making me some now.

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I used some granite tiles leftover from my kitchen remodel for the tops of my stands,… these tiles are cheap at the local hardware store and make the base of the stand much larger and sonically sound. .my.02

My speakers make a light / quiet sputtering sound when not running music. Do yours do this?

It’s quite annoying. My 250 dollar Edifiers were quiet when not playing. No sure how to fix, or if it can be fixed. Any idea how to fix the noises when not running music?

Maybe try a replacement? Sucks to have to go through the hassle of reboxing those behemoths but QC seems to be an issue with Swans.

If I put my ear to the mid, I can hear a slight whisper of a hiss, I can’t hear it any other time. It does not bother me, I have to literally but my ear to the speaker to hear it. Other than that what do you think of the sound and build?

I liked them a lot, but had to refund them. When the box came, the box was badly damaged. I think they were handled roughly by UPS. They were crackling and buzzing quite a bit when looking for a new song or video, when not running sound. It was to annoying. Is there an active speaker better then the M5A in that price range that I can look at? I want good bass and great clarity.

I re-ordered last night. It said 2 left. Then got message didn’t go through today. I go to the Amazon ad and it says sold out. So, I guess that is why it did not go through. So I’m screwed on those. Is there a better or equal active powered speaker that I can look at in that price range?

Check out the Airpulse A300PRO, this was my other choice. I have a small 8in airmotiv s8 enclosed powered sub, like 200 bucks to take care of my low end I used it with my s3000 pros and my m5a’s, great fast sound.

The sound is very clear and big, which is good. But I think the rough shipping may have affected the bass, because it was not impressive like the reviews and you expressed. I have a replacement pair coming in about a week, same Swan M5A.

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Speakers room location (speakers location setup) and room acoustics probably have more effect on bass presentation than possible broken unit.

The box had a huge gash in it, and was beat up in all aspects. When not playing music, it was making crackling, sputtering, and buzzing noises.