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Uhm, since there’s not much info out there about those Swans D1090… Anyone here could help me out deciding whether I should replace my Edifier S3000Pro with those D1090? Since I bought the Edifiers from my European country, already imported, costing 550$ total (I have no idea why it is much less than the official 800$ here in my country…), those Swans will cost me a bit more than 400$ (because I already asked Swans and they said they have no plans to import to Europe soon) and it will be almost the same price as the Edifiers I bought.

I don’t really care about the so many features of Edifier or the small issues with the Swans, if they both sound at least equally detailed - the Swans will be my choice, only because of the more low end they have :slight_smile:

P.S. What Bluetooth codec does the D1090 use?