Swans M300 MKII exist?

Has anyone seen the SWANS M300 MKII for sale? I’ve been looking everywhere and can only find the regular M300 or the M200 MKII and MKIII+.

One option to order.

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Never even thought to look at aliexpress. Thanks so much

Can vouch for this seller, took care of me really well, even though I was pretty scared about buying something this expensive and huge from Ali.
Asked the guy to help me ship a pair of D300 to the EU with the cheapest shipping option there is. Took a couple months, but I didn’t have to pay any customs duties and the speakers came with absolutely no handling damage. :slight_smile:

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You can also check Amazon under the Chinese branch name of HiVi with the same model name

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@Frosttrolly That’s so weird, I just checked yeah they have 300s under that brand name. What’s going on with Swan that they’re getting rebranded like this only that model is up there too. So weird.

@Sciapodas Swan is the Western arm of the Chinese based company HiVi, like how acura and honda are the same company with different demographics.


Oh, interesting I did not know that.

Been eyeing that M300 MkII… Well, technically, been eyeing the M5A. But I’m so satisfied with the D300 I have, I might be getting greedy :smiley:

Perfect speakers, the D300. Just wish they had a more incremental volume control. Too big of a dB jump.
The only time this isn’t a problem is when you’re on bluetooth so you can crank the speakers and control the signal from your source (in my case FiiO M11)
Yeah, this isn’t a thread for the D300, but from what I understand, every Swans (or at least the new ones?) has this problem

Hey guys,
I got the speakers from aliexpress, they took like 1/2 weeks to arrive. Everything was fine, they work fine for about 2 weeks. Then they started to break up the sound and go silent.
I got them for the living room, to connect it to the tv . I was using them like 2 hrs / day with some music and watching netflix in low / mid levels.
Does anyone have any idea of what it could be?

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I haven’t had that problem (I also got a pair of Swans (in my case D300) from Ali.
I’ve read that sometimes just shutting them down completely (like, on the main power button, not just on standby) overnight fixes a lot of problems. Zeos said as much about his M5A, maybe try that

All inputs are dead and no sound or does some input change the situation?
Or are they just silent all the time?

They played for 1 min with a tv channel, then I was about to switch to the music app and dead silent again . I tried to switch to Bluetooth or aux in and no sound.

Try contacting Hivi support on the Swans website or otherwise here

but I still hope the thing resolves itself if you shut them down completely overnight

Any progress?

Nothing new, i’m waiting for the seller’s technician to say something about the video I sent to them.


That really sucks. Have you tried all the inputs? It sounds like some of the amplifiers have just failed.

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Yeah, most of them, BT and aux (rca) with the phone, optical with the TV and balanced with the smsl su-8 i use in my computer. Sometimes they play for a while before the sound starts cracking and distortion other times just a couple of minutes. I turn them off in the back button everytime. I think i’ll have to send them somewhere to repair or warranty, idk.

In my personal experience, the Chinese are pretty reliable with warranty, no matter what the malfunction is. They’ll either fix it or send you a new pair

Such a shame tho, these speakers are BEASTS