Swans M300 via RCA?

Does it make sense to run these of the RCAs? I have a RME ADI2 DAC and it would make no sense to leave it out of the audio chain.

Is there any other other way?
Think the Pro versio would have digital output also but this might not be the Pro versio?

This is not the pro. The audio outs are balances XLR and RCA (cinch).

Monoprice XLR Male to RCA Male Cable - 6 Feet - Black with E21Gold Plated Connectors | 16AWG Shielded Twisted Pair Oxygen-Free Copper Braid Conductors - Premier Series https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001VLW398/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_yCliDbQX448MP

The Swans can take normal RCAs. My question is more on the sound.

How are the speakers when not using the TOSLINK (optical cable)?
In other words, do they sound different when they are fed an analog signal rather than digital?
If I use the RCA do I still get the DSP “signature” Z raves about?

This applies to the Edifier S3000pro too I guess.

Please tell me I am an idiot and there is no difference.

Could I use banana plugs instead of rca? I know some speakers can take either or. I plan on buying some swans soon enough and I found really nice banana cables I’d love to use. Just don’t know if banana plugs are only for passive speakers or what. Also, I would hope they would take that into account and make the dsp correct it no matter the source or input.

You would have to use rca or balanced if it has it. Banana plugs are tips on the end of speaker wire for usage with passive speakers and a speaker amp. Theoretically they could transmit audio like rca, but you would have no place to connect them tom

That’s what I was afraid of lol thank you. I would buy them anyway and just modify them to have rca tips but that seems like a lot of extra work since I don’t even have a soldering iron. Maybe I just need to stop being so extra lol. Thanks.