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This is the official thread for the Swan M300. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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Does anyone know how the wooden panels are fitted on to the speaker? I’m strongly considering replacing the sides IF I end upp getting these. I have a 3 axis CNC mill so I could cut out something less ugly and paint it white with my airbrush

Does any1 else think the mid-bass/presence in these speakers are not enough, I am comparing them with MAudio DSM3 dual 6.5 inch woofers active monitors.

I agree with apro. The mid’s are incredibly thin in my unit. This speaker is great for some genre (soundtracks etc) but not anything with a lot of vocals. I purchased these based on Zeos’ enthusiasm on these so maybe its not meant for everyone.

Anyone have hissing at low volumes/ just playing nothing? Could be poor amp section idk. Bugs me a little

I toed in the speakers slightly and all my complaints have disappeared.

They r completely worth the HYPE :slight_smile:

maybe try the digital input, there is a sligh hiss in mine, but only when i place my ears next to the twitter and nothing is playing, completely satisified after the toe in. :slight_smile:

Correct speaker placement can be magical lol

Any trick to getting Optical In working? Just got a pair of these yesterday, and the only sound coming from Opt. is a very grating fuzz.

Do you still get the hissing? Because I bought a used one recently and it makes the hissing sound all the time and it’s pretty audible when nothing playing or if something’s playing at low volume.

Yes. The hissing is from the built in amplifier and is normal on most active speakers.

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Good luck if your Swan M300 (or any Swan) speakers need service.

See details at:

I have the M300MKIII. Anyone have any recommendations on a sub for these? Is a sub worth it? Was thinking maybe Emotiva S8. Is a sub worth it for these?

Do these speakers support low latency codec? If not I’m looking for a Bluetooth transmitter receiver so I can connect two sets of these speakers and Play them together from my tablet.

uhhh, here goes the smol m3a ?