Switching from astro a50

I’ve decide to stray away from my years of using the Astro a50 and try something new. I’m leaning towards the ath-ad1000x. I play mostly action/rpg games ff14 online and some overwatch. How will these headphones sound for those type of games. Also I know that any of my devices will run the ad1000x (if I get them) but will an amp/dac improve them and if so whats a good starter setup .

Owner of AD500x’s here.

Note that the AD-series is relatively light on bass, which is a plus in competetive aspects but has some downsides on immersiveness.

Another aspect to consider is the lack of tilt on the earcups meaning when your head is too small or too big for them they will not sit properly.
The Flaps not sitting properly on a small head can be worked arround by putting an O-Ring, thin hair tie or rubber band between them.

Lastly: They are very open to the point it does not make a difference if you have them on or not. When you are in a noisy environment or can’t disturb someone in the same room, the AD-series is not a good option.

Thanks for the information. I had seen a few reviews noting the lack of support from the flaps. My head is on the smaller size I use my Astros on the smallest size possible. I may look around a bit more before making a decision. How do the headphones sound on games like witcher 3 or similar type games?