Switching from Spotify to Amazon Music

So, I have taken the plunge into high quality music. My issue is moving my Spotify playlists over. I have spent too much time making playlists and the thought of finding every song manually gives me a headache. I have searched google for a solution but comments/reviews of the programs are not to promising, with some claiming malware. So I was wondering if any of you have any good experiences switching playlists between services.
Thanks! I am new to the forum but I have enjoyed my time so far. :slight_smile:

I have used soundiiz. It can only do 200 at a time, but i only have 1100 or so songs in my library so that worked well enough for me.

I used it to convert spotify to deezer. I would think you would have no issues using it for spotify to amazon. Good luck!


It seems like moving anything to Amazon music on soundiiz is a no go. It does look like it can do everything else. Thanks for the reply though. :slight_smile:

I think when I moved to amazon, I did it manually. How large is your library? Search by artist instead of track if you do it manually :sweat_smile:

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Well I have gotten a bit of a start on it. My library is roughly 2k songs, bleh. But it’ll all be worth it. Might take me a few weeks though lol.

2k isnt too bad. I was worried you had like 100k or something infeasible. Honestly I kind of liked doing it manually in the past; gave me an opportunity to listen to all the songs i havent heard in a while

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I used Free Your Music. Not free but did the job. It struggled to grab the correct versions of songs on Amazon Music and got the wrong song on multiple occasions, but it was certainly better than doing it by hand (if you don’t mind double checking your playlists after import).

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Thank you, I am trying it right now. :crossed_fingers:

At least where my music library is concerned Free Your Music is pretty awful lol. I had 2002 songs and it got over 600 of the way wrong. Not counting the 62 it couldn’t find. But I did notice it was much bettter with songs over 20 years old. Thanks for the recommendation but I wouldn’t personally recommend anyone use that service. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was my experience. It could find certain things fine, but the rest…good luck. It was the only service I could find that wasn’t subscription based or free malware. Although, in hindsight, 1 month of a subsription service that works may have been the play… :thinking:

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I used MusConv when I switched from Google Play Music to Spotify. Worked well with good ease of use.

i tried musconv and it was amazing

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