SybaSonic with THX power

I currently own the SybaSonic and would like to upgrade. I got my eyes on the THX789 except that it doesn’t have mic.

Can I use all the features of THX and just use SybaSonic for it’s mic and EQ?

Please instruct me how to set up? Cables and all. I’m noob.

The Sybasonic appears to have a line out. So yes, you can run that into another amp.

Just run a stereo rca cable from the Sybasonic to the rca line in on whatever amp you go with.

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Don’t be angry with me.

What headphones are you currently using?

58x jubilee

That’s kinda alot to spend for an amp for a 58x, do you have any plans of upgrading in the future for the headphones? Also, just wondering are you dead set on the thx?

No, I’d very much appreciate suggestions. I was looking at thx bc I heard it powers speakers too. I’m willing to spend if it can enhance both my headphones and pc.

What do you recommend? I’m a competitive fps gamer and like music. I need options for eq for no bass, footsteps… but lots of bass during music listening

Unfortunately this is not true, it can pass through but not power speakers

If this is the case, you could pick up an asgard 3 with a schiit loki or bellari eq570 to have simple analog eq. You could omit the analog eq and just use digital though for no cost.

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What do u mean “pass through?”

How so? for digital eq?

So the thx will merely take the incoming signal from the dac, and then pass it through to link other components, it will not modify the signal

You can make profiles on something like apo eq with the peace interface and load them when you want to game or load them when you want to listen to music, easier to recall favorites and cheaper than a hardware eq

So, I’m going to chime in here as I was in the exact same spot. Hell, you made me test things I hadn’t considered, xD

So, I took my little Syba and ran some tests. I am using a VModa Boom Pro as my microphone (this will be important) together with the Fidelio X2.

My first test was just connecting the Syba through USB to my PC to pass it the microphone’s input, while using the on-board audio (same would apply to any other DAC) with the Liquid Spark. The VModa has an interesting characteristic though, it shares the same wire with the headphones, requiring a splitter. This in turn means that they share the ground pin, and splitting it into two different pins will inevitably lead to noise due to voltage differences between both devices.
This won’t be an issue if you use a separate microphone, but if you don’t just keep reading.

I then tried another configuration, I took the RCA output from the Syba and passed that into the Spark. This gets rid of the noise from the ground differences as both devices now share a common ground between them. It works surprisingly well actually, and now I’ve made a tiny stack :slight_smile:

Now, keep in mind the Syba’s output isn’t actually a line out, it goes through the amp first and the volume knob controls it, so it’s more of a pre-amp. You’ll want to crank that knob high enough to get some acceptable output into your amp of choice.

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