Symbio Tip sizes

SO I know different brands can vary in size a bit. For example, I use the large New Bees and most of the silicone tips I’ve come across, but with things like Complys I’m fine with a medium. Can anyone comment on Symbio W ear tips? Unfortunately, as of late, they have only been available in all medium and has made me a bit leary of ordering them.

Gimme a minute and I’ll measure mine (Symbio W in S,M,L).

Thank you.

Symbios: Small is 1 cm diameter, Medium is 1.2 cm, Large is 1.5 cm diameter. All have a length of 1 cm tip-to-stem
A fresh Comply T400 in Medium is 1.2 cm in diameter, and has a length of 1.05 cm.
Included is a lineup for visual comparison.


Do you remember where Symbio ships from?

Hungary, I think? I haven’t ordered any in a while lol.

That may explain why they don’t have a partner in the western hemisphere. Well, fuck. Guess I get to see how long it’ll take to ship to the US.

I seem to recall it not taking super long to arrive, something like a week/week and a half to the Midwestern US. If you order from eBay, he also sells expedited tracked shipping for the Symbios (it’s a separate item that you have to buy). If you order from his website, I have no idea if it’s available or not but you could always ask first.

I actually already ordered from the website. Didn’t see it on eBay.