Symphonic Metal - who listens to it?

never heard of it until a few moments ago when someone mentioned a group called Nightwish and someone else mentioned Epica, who I’m now listening too. I will try Nightwish later.


Those are the two bands I would have said to start with for someone looking to get into symphonic metal. Epica is more symphonic death. Nightwish symphonic power. Both have a lot of prog elements to them.

yeh…I am liking most of Epica, but I’m not really big on the whole growling thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Listening to symphonic metal every now and then.

I’m a huge fan of Epica (it may have been me who mentioned them). Not a fan of growling either but it kind of fits the music usually and you get used to it.

Which Epica album did you try?

Another one to possibly try after Nightwish is Tarja (who was the lead singer of Nightwish for a long time). Her album “My Winter Storm” is a good starting place. Not as heavy as Epica or Nightwish.

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I’m only listening to Nightwish at the moment and can’t wait for their new album to drop next month.