Tablets and LDAC

I’m currently looking for a tablet that has Ldac support and right around the 10" screen size.

I found the above one but there isn’t to much on specs of bluetooth codec.

Any thoughts/suggestions on tablets with ldac would be apreciated.

Everything running Android version 8 or later has native support for LDAC.

  1. Connect bluetooth to your LDAC capable wireless heaphone/tws iem/receiver.
  2. Pull down the nav bar from the top of the screen.
  3. Long press the bluetooth icon.
  4. If the connected device shows up and has a cogwheel next to it, tap the cogwheel. Else, tap “show more”, and tap the cogwheel next to the connected device.
  5. You should know what to do here.

Additional info:

Your wireless audio device does not “gain” the ability to use LDAC just because the transmitting device (your Amdroid phone or tablet) supports it. Both the transmitting and receiving device has to support it.
The transmitting device (your Android phone or tablet) cannot maintain LDAC connection to mutiple receivers at the same time.

Unfortunately, I cannot confirm that. My Android 10 smartphone only supports sbc despite Android 10 and Bluetooth 4.2. I can change it in the developer options, but when I try to connect it automatically switches off Bluetooth after a few seconds. Even if I set the BTR5 so that it only receives LDac.
Better to ask the seller if it is supported than to trust that it is.