Tactical FPS Headphone recommendation

Hi guys! I’m currently torn between the DT1990 Pro, Harmonic Dyne Zeus and the ATH R70X. I have ordered both the HDZeus and R70X from amazon. Im probably going to return which one I don’t like more depending on more tests. I have a friend willing to sell me his DT1990 but I’m unsure if that will be better for gaming and spare time music listening / watching movies.

So far, I feel like the Zeus is just so much better in Valorant than the R70X. The one thing that bothers me is the very loud gun sounds (not really obnoxiously loud but very punchy like you can feel it). With the R70X I feel like it’s too neutral for me. I could hardly hear anything and if I do I feel like I’m hearing the enemies when they’re super close to me and it’s too late (unlike the zeus where I can easily pinpoint where the enemies are). Im powering both with my Scarlett 2i2. Not sure maybe that’s why the R70X was too low volume out the box compared to the Zeus. (Maybe paired with a better amp/dac it’ll sound better than the zeus)

All In all, I’m just looking for opinions regarding these headphones listed and recommendations as well for gaming headphones specifically for TACTICAL FPS around the $300-500. I’ve been recommended the HD560 a lot but I just can’t get over the physical look of the headphones (sorry HD560 owners great sounding headphones tho for gaming no doubt).

Thanks for reading and I appreciate your input.

I will first say these are very different headphones all with pretty different uses… 1990 is extremely analytical and very bright in the treble, zeus is “fun” more V shaped tuning and by no means analytical or heavily detailed as a headphone… its large spacious and bassy, R70x is the alternative of the air series ad700, 900, 1000x, 2000x, and so on and is a bit more bass recessive with a more neutral tone for those who crave a bit more reference in sound… if were going by which one is going to perform the most accurately in terms of fps placement? That is without a doubt the 1990… in terms of soundstage thats the zeus… the r70x is an all rounder… it doesn’t do the “best” in any set category much like a sennheiser usually

I am assuming you do not have experience with beyers or much in terms of headphones? Kinda jumping the shark a bit here and going to the very end in many ways… 1990 may not be very good but it depends on you personally… everyone hears differently and some people have extreme amounts of treble intolerance… you will have to listen to the headphone to know for sure but if it seems piercing or shrieking it may not be a good fit…

just so were pretty transparent on this… this game by no means needs a high end headphone… especially not one within the price brackets of a 1990 or zeus… it can perform just as well off the helios from harmonicdyne which is a zeus alternative or hell. dt 880… tygr 300r… hd 560s… hd 58x jubilee… etc. It doesn’t need a large soundstage… just something more average and it needs accurate imaging placements… r70x isn’t that large and isn’t the best in the case of separations as it is… its a very good set of cans but still sorta meh in a few key areas.

This would be a good identifier that you want something a bit more… that you yourself would need to personally identify… r70x is indeed very neutrally tuned… if you are having better results with the zeus its because zeus not only has a larger soundstage but it adds much more in the case of treble which will highlight about 90% of your fps sounds making it much easier to pinpoint

difference ohms and power requirements… however, depends on the amp in question

Your going to want to amp if you plan to use higher end cans that really isn’t an option to run ampless with higher ohm headphones in most cases outside of extremely powerful motherboards… but on board chips don’t sound as good or perform as well. Scarlett barely has power… its designed for microphones not for amping headphones. You can use the scarlett as a dac by plugging it into a dedicated amp if you wish… but absolutely 100% consider a good amplifier

if you don’t like neutrality… i highly doubt it… zeus is a good headphone with a pleasant casual to listen to sound signature… not to mention quite comfortable

If you really feel you -need- a high end headphone… you need to first get yourself a good setup with an amp and if possibly in budget a dac as well… then you need to find which sound signature aligns with your personal hearing and preference… you already mentioned neutral isn’t a good fit and that you find zeus improves things… perhaps try a bright headphone see what you think… you dont -have- to go straight to the dt 1990 to try a brighter headphone… you can swing to the dt 880 600 ohm(definitely make sure you have the amp first…) which will tell you if this is the headphone your looking for since they are fairly quite similar and in some cases some prefer the 880 over the more expensive 1990. Mind you 1990 will have several areas better such as pads, build quality, certain sound aspects, etc. However, if you do try these and you feel you need more soundstage and want a beyer… go to the headphone I personally use if you can find it(its discontinued due to the 3rd generation) which is the T1 2nd generation(make sure its the 2nd gen… and again… absolutely make sure you have an amp its quite demanding). Youd have to search used markets for that T1 but you can find them within this budget

I’m not a gamer so this struck me funny. Tactical headphones? Does that mean
they include a knife, flashlight, firesteel and ripstop nylon pants?

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Tactical FPS headphone. Seems pretty cut and dry to me on what hes looking for… :thinking: I do have the write up that explains what hes looking for and helps others out though that may help here as well if needed.

Hee hee. Just couldn’t resist. :sweat_smile:

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