Taking suggestions for under 1200$

Amp under 1200$. Running ARES2 as a dac.

i think i will never go back to anything that is not r2r now, ive enjoyed it much more than anything ive had in the past, but thats just me and in relation to what ive had previous.
all of which has been SS, either ak or ess at modest prices. the ares2 is the only custom chip ive heard

anyhow, this is not about my dac, its about my amp, which is the 789 and now im looking to upgrade

i would much rather get something that adds body and width than something that is overly sterile/dry/crisp just for the sake of being detailed and otherwise analytical, ive felt let down by going that route before and it didnt pay off, i had the RME ADI2 (v1) and although it wasnt overly sterile or anything, to me it sounded 2d and very upfront and therefore detailed i suppose?

Didnt sound lively to me though
im rambling

Also, mon mon a qt, maybe he sees this :3


Oh yeah and i almost forgot, Im using Clear and soon the Arya