🔶 Takstar HF 580 / Hi3050


  • Over Ear
  • Amp optional
  • Open Back

Takstar’s site
• Unit: planar magnetic full range unit
• Unit Dimension: 76x97x12.4 mm
• Unit Impedance: 32Ω±20%
• Headphone Frequency Response: 15Hz-25KHz
• Sensitivity: 90±3dB
• Rated Power: 10Mw
• Peak Power: 20mW
• Connection Cable: Φ4mmx3m splitter cable
• Connector: stereo Φ3.5m
• Net Weight: 550g
• Color:Black

Same/similar driver as Sendy Aiva.


Z Reviews



HF 580 vs Sendy Aiva:

HF 580 pad variations:


Seen your video and ordered one straight away. I was looking at the Sendy but under $200 was too hard to pass up. I’ll be doing a removable cable mod and not sure which connector to use. I do have spare 3.5’s laying about so might wire it like a Hifiman or possibly 2.5mm, ideally one that fits without any modifications.


Just got my set today, and I am quite pleased. These sound fantastic, amazing detail across the board and they take quite a bit of power. I’m not sure who rated these but “20mW” max is dead wrong. Build quality is solid. Takstar did extremely well at their price range, these are giant killers.


Hi, thanks for the informative review. I have a set of these on the way and I was curious about the pads you mentioned. The Shure 1540 seem nice, though expensive, I’ll keep them in mind. Has anyone tried different ones? I have a pair of Brainwavz HM5 hybrid oval pads that I will try when they arrive. I’m curious how angled pads like the HM5 ones will affect the sound.

I’m also very interested to hear about possible cable modifications.

Chances are they forgot a “0” on the max power rating. Totally possible with how they are rushing these out the door.

Also looking at these right now. It is probably going to be these or the fidelio X2’s for me.
I had a whole bunch of stuff stolen and need to replace it with what little insurance gave me to do that.
link to my post about it https://forum.hifiguides.com/t/need-some-help-picking-a-headphone-and-dac-amp-to-replace-some-stolen-stuff/1458/2

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Why are yours different than the display photo? In their Aliexpress page they are listed as pleather pads but yours seems fabric.

They come with both pads!

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Thanks JDM =) ya found out after watching you video. Any chance of purchasing Sendy pads seperately?

MusicTeck has them!

Are Takstar headphones reliable? I’ve never heard of this brand.

Listening to the sound demo right now. For the price I hear not much to complain about. I’m not currently in the market for anything new, but it’s nice to have so many options now.

Yes, they’ve been a pretty big player for a while now. They are the OEM for the HyperX Cloud / Cloud II / Cloud Flight, as well as the Cooler Master MH 751 / MH 752.

The above models are based on the Takstar Pro 80 and Pro 82 respectively. Well regarded as very good budget cans.


Detail monsters like Sendy Aivas? Interesting…

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Sendy pads are great, removable mod was a pain in the ass but happy with the result. I find n the quality to be up there with $1000+ headphones. The stock cable is made with the shittiest, frailest looking wire I have seen in a long time. The M1060 cable above has a nice amount of metal in it.

How do they sound with the sendy pads?

Sendy pads don’t fit without serious modification.

Which would be a better buy? These for $185 or a X2HR Fidelio for $160?

Hmmm if all you care about is bass the x2hr, and everything else the 580 imo

Apparently these are detail monsters too.

Are these “compressed”, like ESP95Xs? i.e.: Unnaturally detailed, maybe?
Or does it sound natural?