Talk me out of doing this!

Hey there, first post, I’ve somehow found myself bitten by the audio bug, and realized that I really would like to step my game up from the cruddy Logitech headset I’m using for gaming & music listening.
So, I’ve come up with a plan…

Topping D10
Liquid Spark
Dekoni Blue
Antlion modmic

That, plus a couple of short RCA cables, comes to around 450 USD with shipping and everything factored in.

Are the Dekoni Blue’s good for gaming? Are they worth the $200 price? Will the spark push them adequately? Are there better headphones in the price range? Would I be better off getting something like, the Nighthawks for $50 more, and then saving cash by buying an dac/amp combo like SMSL AD18, and planning for the future when I need to buy speakers. Talk me out of my plan if it’s bad, please.

I play FPS games, PUBG, R6:Siege, things like that.

For music, which is a bigger deal for me over gaming… blues, old country, a lot of hiphop, LoFi sadboi shit, and fantasy soundtracks.

That seems like A decent setup while the dekoni blue might be good for gaming it’s not the best. I also use a d10 and a LS to power my 990. But if you want to run a planar for gaming I’m pretty sure the he 4xx might treat you better than the dekoni blue due to the wider soundstage. But the LS will definitely be able to push them no problem. To be honest what you have there is pretty good but the headphone might be a bit of a concern as it’s not the greatest out there.

Also the 58x might even be a better option for you too. Great for gaming and my go to for lo fi hip hop and sad boi shit like joji as it’s smooth and really forgiving for the lofi genre

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I would also consider the 4xx more than the Dekoni blue. More soundstage and easier to drive. The rest of the planned setup seems like a good start to me.

I gotta say, I just picked up the CoolerMaster MH751 that Z reviewed, I got it on Prime Day for ultra cheap, but even now they are $70 or so… He wasn’t kidding, they are pretty fantastic comfortable little gaming cans with good music performance and a nice little removable microphone. I don’t use an amp to drive them, just plug into the motherboard audio and they sound great. I moved my Phillips SHP9500 over to my stereo and I just use them for occasional music listening now. The MH751 is a nice little gaming headset that isn’t an insult to PC gamers.

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Thanks for the input guys!

Will definitely look into the 4xx, they weren’t even on my radar before I read through the replies.

I watched the review on the MH751, and it looks like a good deal, but I’m trying to get something that will also blow my head off music wise.

So now I have to juggle between the 4xx, 58x, and my stupid obsession with the Blue.

don’t get me wrong the dekoni blue is gorgeos and for $200 is not a bad deal. but for your purposes It might not be the best option. I would encourage getting something better for your need s now and if you still really want it get a blue at a later date as a second can. defnitely what I did. I first juggled the idea between a dt 990, 58x, a fidelio x2, and a hd 598. and got the dt 990 cause I mainly play games and really wanted a nice amount of bass. and It fit my need beautifully and I still had the lingering need for the hd 58x and eventually got it when I fell into some extra cash, and will probably get a he 4xx soon. the other 2 headphones I was considering upon further research either I don’t want it or decided that I don’t really need it.

So, I think I’ve decided to go with the HE4xx - I’m not sure how I had never really noticed these before seeing them mentioned on this thread. They look cool, and reviews seem really positive. I had heard some negative things about build quality, but I’m assuming that was an older batch? Because most of the newer reviews seem to praise the build quality!

Haven’t decided on a dac/amp yet. I know I technically probably don’t need one to push them, but I want to do it right. I think I’ll grab a JDS Atom first, and just use my motherboard’s audio-outputs, and grab an OL Dac or d10 a little later.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their replies and feedback, I’m still definitely open to suggestions! Hopefully this weekend it’ll all be ordered! :smiley:

Nice . Will say though don’t get the oldac the d10is much better

Yes, better dac chip and more capability. There really isn’t a reason to go with the regular odac anymore

I’m a recent owner of Dekoni Blues. Yes, they are worth $200. With the angled pads their bass is deep and powerful. The treble is accurate but not necessarily sparkly. Mids sound pretty good too. The other pads noticeably change the sound. Bass is still potent but not as forward. Overall clarity increases. You’re essentially getting 2 cans for $200. I don’t game much but did play some games with them using the angled pads. They’re serviceable and surely a big improvement over the Logitech headset you’re currently using. I do prefer my DT990 for gaming though. Their “air” and imaging, plus their decent bass, are plusses for gaming. I don’t like the DT990 for music though as that “air” is also piercing, sibilant, and to my ear makes treble sound thin and metallic. I have HD6XX on the way which is in that same price range. I’m excited to see what they offer.

The Liquid Spark will drive the Blues, and therefore just about any headphone, just fine. I’ve been driving my Blues with an Atom and have not noticed any lack of power. If you go DT990 I would recommend the liquid spark, as I understand it rolls off the highs a bit. Otherwise the Atom has enough power and is renowned for its cleanliness and honesty.

Welcome to this world. Now that you have the bug, you’re likely to own most if not all the headphones and amps discussed here in the coming years. Enjoy!

I recommended these to my friend based on Z’s review and when I finally got to his place to try them out myself, I have to say that they are in fact surprisingly light and comfortable and they also sound really good for the price. I found myself getting lost in my spotify playlists and it handled all the music I threw at it way better than I anticipated. Don’t sleep on the price to performance of the MH751’s.

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I just recently had a very similar discussion HERE. I was looking for a good solution for amazing sound quality for music, and also good sound stage and imaging for gaming.

In the end here is what I end up buying:
Topping D10 - Dac
JDS Atom - Amp
58X - Open Back Headphones
Antlion Modmic Wireless

And in the future, I plan to also buy the Argons Mk3, and maybe DT770 32Ohm for my on the go headphones to listen to music off my phone.

Still waiting for the 58X to arrive, i can post my feedback here once they arrive.

That sounds awesome!

I ended up going a different route, but the 58x was one of my top choices.

Managed to snag a pair of HE4XX’s off eBay for $107, was too good of a deal to pass up. Grab a Liquid Spark off Monoprice for $80 because it was an open box, skipped out on a DAC for a week or two, then I’ll grab a d10! I’m sure I’ll need it, my computer is ancient.

Oh! And I had a $20 off code for drop, from a HardwareCanucks video, used it to get a set of PortaPros for $18 to use while at work! :stuck_out_tongue:

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