TANCHJIM HANA (Review and Discussion)

I got the chance to borrow a set of the Tanchjim Hana for a few weeks and wrote up some thoughts about them. These seem to be a polarising set of IEMs but I guess I found them to be pretty good and pleasantly surprised in a way! :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good deal considering it sounds similar to Oxygen.


I put these on my list of iem to follow. For now, I don’t see enough reviews to tell whether they’re worth it.
I went on the Gizaudio website, and his post about the Hana seems to be an ad more than a review. His video beeing quite positive, I’ll take it with a grin of salt.

Super reviews also did a video on it: The UPGRADE you've been looking for: Tanchjim Hana 2021 review - YouTube

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Precogs take

How is the isolation on the new Hana? Is it a vented IEM?

@Perrivan maybe you should rename the title to be Tanchjim Hana 2021 to avoid confusion with the original Hana?

Hey, this was created for the original Hana though, as was the review I wrote. I have yet to try the new Hana.

OK, then. How was the isolation on the old Hana? :slight_smile: Is it a vented IEM?

There is a bass vent on it like most Dynamic Driver sets, but it’s on the inner side. Isolation was good IF you get a good seal from my own experience

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Ah ok my bad! I think all the replies to your post talk about Hana 2021 :sweat_smile:

Haha np, I guess it is fair to say the old Hana has become obsolete given how much more well-received the Hana 2021 is comparatively.

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Yeah I went back and forth between the Hana 2021 and the Oxygen…eventually settled on the latter, but reviews like this make me question my decision haha. Tanchjim Oxygen vs NEW Hana | What's going on here? - YouTube.

I think I’ll love the Oxygen…just need it to fricken pass customs!!