Tannoy Reveal 501a Upgrade


I recently added some new equipment to my setup. Just purchased the Topping Stack A90/D90, which arrived this evening. Also added a set of Ether Flow Open 1.1’s.

So now I am looking for a new pair of monitors, or possibly speakers. I would like them to be powered and have balanced capability. I will not be mixing on them so I guess I don’t need monitors, but I do like the cleanliness of monitors. looking for something clear and balanced, not bass heavy, but not bass light that will work well on a desktop (pretty big desk). Max budget would be $1,000 all in.

Really would appreciate feedback based on what I have already and your experiences.

Thank you,

Whoa - slow it down I can’t digest all the information.

Adam T5V, Yamaha HS8 and Focal Alpha 65 come to mind. As I have no experience with either, can’t tell you much.

The A90 can operate as a pre-out, right?

Yes, I believe so.

Ended up buying Yamaha HS8’s. I wonder, can crickets read?