Tannoy XT8F/antiCable 3.1/Avantone CLA200

I’m so glad I bought them. Even with the stock jumpers they sounded damn good, however on some songs would have some transient shoutiness with vocals. That would be my only complaint, however that was only within the first 48 hours of play. They might have calmed down in that regard given more burn in, but I had matching jumpers to my antiCable speaker wires & I just couldn’t wait any longer. They solved the shoutiness issue immediately.

Now the antiCable jumpers did seem to set the midrange back a bit, seemingly thinning it out, but after listening intently, obviously giving greater detail over the stock jumpers in the midrange & treble while eliminating the shoutiness. I’d say the mids were pushed forward using the stock jumpers & sounded rather thick. I’m still not sure which I prefer, but I’m pleased the shoutiness is gone & haven’t tried the stock jumpers again.

How about bass? Theses are not at all hyped in the bass, so bassheads might not like them. I set them up well into my room, spread about 9 feet & aimed at my listening position, which happens to be on my bed, with my ears about 9 feet from the baffles. The bass isn’t lacking at all either, even with my big bed & carpet in the room. Its a big bedroom too. In the sweet spot, the kick drum & bass instruments are impactful, plenty deep, speedy & dynamic; with fine texture & timber of the low frequency, blending perfectly into the midrange. I don’t need no stinking subwoofer.

Lastly, I got the Avantone CLA200 as a starter amp, but now I can’t justify changing it out any time soon. I figure I’d have to spend at least $3k to really improve on it. One day, in a year or two, I might try a tube amp, but for now I’m happy as can be with this amp.

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