Tapco Thump TH-18S

I am not sure if this is the right place for this but I got a Tapco Thump TH-18S subwoofer from an auction on the cheep but it didn’t have the amp with it and need help finding an appropriate amp to power this sub.

Amazon link to the discontinued product: https://www.amazon.com/Tapco-Thump-TH-18S-Active-Subwoofer/dp/B001DNHJC0

Was the amp removed from the cabinet? If so, was the hole filled in or is there a big rectangular opening in the cabinet? Also, what’s your budget?

edit: those are designed for 18" subs

The amp was removed leaving the a big rectangular hole.
My budget is around $100 - $200 but I am willing to save up for an amp.

OK, you pretty much have to plug that hole for the sub to work properly. First thing I would do is check with the manufacturer and see if they are willing to sell you one of the plate amps that normally comes with the sub for a price you’re comfortable with. That will be the least amount of physical work on your part. If not, it becomes a question of how good your carpentry skills are and if you have proper tools and workspace.

Measure the current cabinet opening. You can search for a plate amp that comes close to or matches one of the dimensions. I had to do this when the original amp on my Dayton sub kit failed and I replaced it. I used some plywood I had lying around, the new plate amp, and lots of screws and wood glue to plug that hole. It doesn’t look great but it works:

That’s gonna be labor intensive and you need to be careful not have direct wood-to-wood contact without some kind of damping like glue or weather stripping between or the cabinet will likely rattle.

You could just have a piece of MDF cut to fill the opening and glue and screw it in place, and have an opening cut in that MDF filler to put in a plate-mounted set of speaker binding posts or 1/4" TS jack. This solution will be slightly less labor intensive but also require you to buy an outboard amplifier. A cheaper Crown amp brand new bridged to mono will likely be all the power you realistically need. You could also explore the used professional amp market. Pro amps usually come with lots of power, have a bridged mono option if they’re stereo, but also usually have pretty noisy fans.

Good luck!


Update: just a bit over a year later and I have gotten one of the Crown amps to use with the sub, only to plug everything in and find that the speaker was blown/fused. since I got it at an auction I knew that this was a possibility, should have checked to see if it was able to move before getting an amp. luckily I didn’t waste money on fixing up the box. I now have an excellent crown amp for any new speakers that I happen to find later on.

I want to thank you for the help and ideas to help me along despite this being the first post I made on the forms.

there are some pretty cheap 12-15" drives out there. you could repurpose the cab with the crown amp. just a thought.