Tearing My Hair Out, Please Help

I’m looking for what I thought was simple but spent hours now trying to find something that fits the bill for the bills.

I’m moving country thanks to Covid to get a new job, and looking to set up my home audio in my new flat.

What I Need - Ideal World

  • Combined Dac & Speaker Amp
  • Speakers are Dali Zensor 1 (86.5dB)
  • Optical Input (for TV)
  • Bluetooth Input, LDAC 5.0 (from phones/Alexa)
  • USB Input (for laptop)
  • Currently available on Amazon.co.uk for less than £200 (approx $260)

Closest I can find is the Topping MX3 but as far as I’m aware doesn’t do LDAC

Alternative Solution
Which I still can’t find

I can bring my Marantz PM6005 (current hub of my system) but as I can’t bring my PC, just laptop, I need a DAC with the following

  • Bluetooth Input, LDAC 5.0 (from phones/Alexa)
  • USB Input (for laptop)
  • Preferably two outputs so I can later add a headphone amp, but not necessary
  • Currently available on Amazon.co.uk for less than £200 (approx $260)

There’s a little bit of flex on the price, I see the Topping DX3 Pro might be my best bet but only have one set of outputs.

Anyone else able to add anything?

Or I could just buy a pair of active speakers…

Great little speakers, had the Zensor 3-s some years ago - loved them. So I dont think you can get a pair of active speakers for that money that would be better.

Personally would go for the DAC solution, since the Marantz is a decent amp and you cant get a better amp for that money, especially with a built in DAC

For a Bluetooth with LDAC there is:

  • the Ifi Zen Blue;
  • the Fiio BTA30;
  • the Xduoo XQ-50;

They all offer digital and analog outputs, so you can use it as a DAC temporarily and after change for a better source. The Fiio has USB/coax/spdif in also. Just can’t say about how good the internal DAC is, but I guess it’s something. The only thing is I don’t know if you can find them in amazon uk, but you at least can get them form China.

What did you end up getting? I’m considering a Bluetooth DAC to replace my FiiO E10K because I want to be able to easily switch everything from my PC to my work laptop when working from home. I’ve started a true wireless revolution at my desk, haven’t figured out what to do with my e10k and liquid spark though.
I’m considering getting a Xduoo XQ-50 or SMSL B1 or something, as long as it’s as good as the e10k as a DAC and has Bluetooth I’d be content.

I would stick with your Dali speakers, self powered speakers are all the rage now but I find they don’t sound as good.