Tekton speakers around 1K$

Has anyone around here heard their around 1k$ offerings? there is tons of rave for the the bigger brothers, but what about the more affordable ones? i have seen one of 2 reviews, but not much. curious if anyone around here has heard them.

The Audiophiliac has a review and there was a review done recently by The Next Best Thing.

I looked at these and their bigger brothers quite a bit last year. Ultimately decided to go with Zu DWs because of the build quality and the detail in craftsmanship just seemed more than a cut above. They’ve probably very similar (business models) though with large full range drivers presenting a lot of authority. Not sure where Teckton cuts their tweeter in If I recall when I was looking into them it was around the 2k range, the Zu crosses over at well over 10k so they act more like a full range with their benefits and drawbacks. I figured given the Zu open invitation to send them back after 30 days in house, I could always do that. Honestly I think I would have preferred the Tekton out of the box more because it would have been what I expected, with fun signature. Would have gone for the Lore and thrown in the berilium tweeter option (similar cost tot he DW with the custom bits)

Here’s the big but though… I kept the Zu because they sounded unexpected and they’ve managed to provide me with a very visceral listening experience that I wasn’t anticipating.

I haven’t run across anyone that’s ever poo pooed the Tektons though, when the Zu is like marmite or Sendy Aivas that says a lot.


i have seen reviews on the bigger ones. never thought to actually look at prices on their website. thought the double impact was their entry to be honest for the longest time.

NBT’s review of the lore reference is what got their 1kish range speakers on my radar. the mini monitors look interesting as well. 8" woofer on a “bookshelf”.

they have a couple of the lore line already finished in red(no wait time), was thinking about picking up a pair. the Lore reference, the mini lore, and the lore monitor are all on sale atm.

they also have their open baffle version on sale pretty cheap atm. so tempting, but my listening space is small. i think to small for about any open baffle arrangement.

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i plan on calling them in a couple hours to talk to them about what they feel the differences are in the different lore speakers.

they have these atm pretty much ready to ship. b stock brilliance 1/3 off!

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The open baffle looked REALLY interesting but for some reason they can’t seem to move it.

i am with ya. if i had to guess, a lot of people just do not realize how much better open baffle sounds. the other part is you need space for open baffle. something a lot do not have. those would be my 2 guesses. i am in the latter. i just dont have the room atm for open baffle. not really.

From my experience the tekton stuff gives pretty good value for money, just for the pure technicalities it can deliver for the price, but from my experience most of their lineup just didn’t have anything that really drew me in, impressive for the price but didn’t really have something that would make me personally want to go for them, but I think they are very solid speakers

right on. just watched a video from the designer talking about his goals with speakers. i didnt realize till the video that the tweeter/mid arrays cover from about 200hz up. those big woofers only doing the lows. pretty interesting. of course none of the 1kish models have them lol, but thats ok. read a couple reviews that the single dome ones are more “musical” and not as technical

they also hapen to have a couple decent sales going atm, so i figured id see what opinions may or may not be out there

I listened to the Tekton double impacts ($3k) and Zu DW ($1k) and $ per $ I prefer the DW. I haven’t heard the entry level Tektons… I’ve request multiple times for an in person demo and they never responded.

got ya. i like the concept’s of both speakers. maybe i make a trip to utah and listen to both at their facilities. they have to have in house listening spaces right? lol

Funny you say that, every time I called Zu during the process, the owner picked up the phone. One time it was for a ten minute talk about whether I should buy a pair of his speakers used up through an eBay auction. That was pretty impressive.

Zu does but cannot speak to Tekton as they never returned my emails. I found a neighbor that had the Tekton Double Impacts. I’ve also been to Spatial Audio and RBH facilities for demos as well. Wilson Audio is here but I don’t even want to head there.

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nice! i love manufacturing and love to tour facilities. to bad none of the audio ones are close to me lol. i plan on going to chicago for a week for AXPONA. few days for the show, and a few days to head to the hifi shops in the area to demo anything and everything i can lol. where i live theres bestbuy and a couple home theater install places. no where to listen to anything =/

Lol what do you mean, I don’t foresee anything bad happening lol

lol im guessing hes not a wilson audio fan, more then fear of danger in the factory

Ah I was assuming just the act of hearing a higher end Wilson and proceeding to have your wallet disappear before your eyes

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haha thats very possible too!

Sorry to revive a dead thread. But I’m interested in getting the tekton lore or Uruz as Home theatre speakers. Apparently they work well close to a wall

If you do, let us know what you think!