Tekton Speakers

Has anyone heard any Tekton Subwoofers? They have one in particular that is the 4 x 10($800). Very interesting setup and even the specifications description. No documentation or many good resolution pictures.

Do you have a link to the model in question? I cant seem to find one that features 4 x 10’s on their website.

EDIT: i found it. https://www.tektondesign.com/4-10-sub.html

Yeah the lack of documentation or decent pictures makes it hard

Very interested in getting one and doing a review on it.

I have the Brilliance and thought about one of their subs but didn’t have amp to run them. All I know is the Alex from Tekton makes amazing loudspeakers. Looking at that info it would make a killer setup with two of them in stereo. I remember Infinity with uber high end speaker that used line array subs.

Almost all the sub woofers are powered, in fact only the one with passive in the title doesn’t. They look well made and the few reviews i have seen say they make good speakers, and i have no reason to believe they don’t sound good.

Well I will probably get one in the next week of two and let everyone know how it sounds and would like to compare to a Rel t9 if I had one and I will compare to my SVS SB13 Ultra.